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Feeling peaceful
is powerful

See for yourself with yoga and meditation for real life

A few minutes on the mat
= a very different day

I believe yoga and meditation should go with us, out into our day. That’s where we need the calm, the energy—and a brain that actually works. My classes are all about tapping into our natural enthusiasm and oomph in a way that sticks. Especially when we’re back in the “real world.”

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Upcoming Events

Rest & Recharge Yoga

9th April

Join me for the perfect end to your busy week with our once monthly R & R sessions.

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Weekly Classes

Yoga courses offering you the opportunity to unplug from your day and create space to unwind and relax from your busy schedules. 

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Motivate to Meditate

Coming Soon

This is a great way to sample meditation for the first time or to keep up your practice with our monthly meet up.

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DoTERRA's essential oil blends November can be the time we get colds, blocked noses and struggle to breathe at night. This is why I'm loving DoTERRA's essential oil blend called Breathe this month. I'm using the blend daily on myself and my son (18 months). Its a pre...

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Is connection the missing link to your focus and purpose?

Connection - whats the point? I’ve been very conscious of my energy of late.  I have a toddler and baby on the way I’ve felt the need to protect my energy so I had enough for them, me and everything else in my life. In doing this I’ve let go of the focus that makes me...

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