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Connection – whats the point?

I’ve been very conscious of my energy of late.  I have a toddler and baby on the way I’ve felt the need to protect my energy so I had enough for them, me and everything else in my life. In doing this I’ve let go of the focus that makes me tick, gets me excited and lifts me up. Thats connection to you guys, to make biz plans, to share and motivate others. To have a social life! This is why I’ve disappeared for a while.

Being under stimulated has the same effect as being over-stimulated – stressed.

I know for sure that feeling of just having too much on, no time, no space, its stressful. Society are often overstimulated with day to day life. At the other end of the spectrum being under stimulated, when you try to do less, have no plans –  can have a very similar effect. You feel stressed but also motivation drops along with energy levels and get you feeling pretty dull. I have been stuck here over the past few months. It was like I was hibernating with a serious lack of connection, to me, you, and the world around me.

“One of the most powerful human needs is the one for connection. We all want a sense of belonging. A feeling of community and hope that the people in our lives both encourage and support us at all times. We long for connection, so that we might feel more complete in our individual lives. Connection offers us a feeling of purpose.” Ashley Lorenzo

I taught my last yoga classes before baby no. 2 arrives the other week. During the classes I felt a host of emotions. Classes are about connection. It’s a chance for me to share my love of yoga. I get to connect to those in class through conversation and movement. Offering students a space to take time out, to connect to breath and body.

This is why I love to teach yoga and also be part of group classes. I know many of my students feel the same. It doesn’t have to be yoga,  there are so many other ways we find connection in our day.

How do you find connection in your life – the type of connection that lifts you up?

You know that friend, colleague, loved one that makes you light up when you speak and spend time with them. That place where you feel you can be yourself, feel fulfilled, smile, laugh, cry. It might be a creative project, or a new skill you’d love to learn.

Whilst I may not be getting the physical connection through teaching over the next few months I hope to offer and find that connection. This will be virtually through my blog and newsletters. Face to face contact is also high up on my list as well.

I’d love to hear when you feel connection, let me know so we can share ideas…..