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Move into stillness
with yoga for a calm,strong mind and body

My yoga classes offer a space to soothe an overworked brain, unwind our bodies from the day and dip our whole being into a little oasis of feel-good focus.

Sometimes we’ll challenge our bodies while showing them the kindness and compassion they deserve. After all, where would we be without them?

We’ll develop confidence and patience as we listen to our bodies, tap into our hearts and discover the profound tool that is conscious breathing. These techniques gently anchor us, un-sticking our minds from past while dispelling fantasies and hang-ups.

So we can live simply and contentedly—in the moment at hand.

All of my classes take place in and around Rugby, Warwickshire. You can see all the locations on my Contact page.



Sometimes gentle, sometimes dynamic, expect to build strength, endurance, and a strong focus in this class. The physical practice will naturally build heat in the body and closes with a nourishing relaxation. If you have a basic level of fitness with no major injuries, this is great class for you.

Each class includes:

  • Breathing techniques for stress release

  • Total body and mind workout

  • Relaxation technique for deep, lasting wellbeing

Classes on Thursdays at 7.30pm

Block booking available.

Rest & Recharge


Ahhhhh. That’s how you’ll feel after this deeply relaxing session aimed at recharging your mind and body from a long week. Nourishing and gentle, this class will give you some great time for yourself and your thoughts.

About this class

With cushions, blankets, blocks and chairs, we completely support the body and enable your whole system to recharge. As your body and mind slowly unwind, expect bliss.

No yoga experience required.

Monthly Sunday class at 4pm

One off bookings


great for complete beginners

We’ll sculpt and tone the body, promoting a healthy back, good posture and a clear head through breath work. Leave feeling energised and empowered as we tap into your inner strength and bring a sense of calm into your day.

Each class includes:

  • Breathing techniques for stress release
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Relaxation techniques for deep, lasting wellbeing

No yoga experience required.

Block booking available.