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The glow starts on the inside
and spreads everywhere

It’s so easy for our modern lives to go from fun-busy to brain-bursting-life-blur-busy before you even know what happened. One of the best remedies for keeping our minds mellow and our days productive is meditation.

My practice is simple and unfussy but surprisingly powerful. I’ll show you how to get to know this portable paradise called meditation.

Meditation for Everyday Life – 4-week course

De-clutter your mind, untangle your emotions and
free your energy for better things

How do I start meditating? Am I sitting the right way? Does it even matter? Is it working? Answer these questions and more with this joy-building intro course.

What to Expect

We’re all very different and that applies to meditation too. During each session, we’ll explore different techniques and find our own preferences around turning inward. We’ll share our experiences over a cuppa and head home with the confidence to meditate and be still in our daily lives.

Meditation for Everyday Life is perfect for you if you want to…

  • Explore meditation in a friendly, laid back group setting
  • Learn to be present in the moment
  • Have more time to do the things you love
  • Discover greater clarity and more productivity
  • Make meditation the daily peace break you deserve (it can be done!)

You’ll come away empowered with some serious calming skills and techniques for turning inward with ease.

Motivate to Meditate – monthly meet-up

Keep calm and keep it up—with fellow meditators

This is a great way to sample meditation for the first time or to keep up your practice after the 4-week course—and stay in touch with fellow peace aficionados.

So whether you’ve been practicing regularly, dipping your toe in every now and again, or have completely fallen off the cushion, these sessions will get you back on the inward-facing track.

What to Expect

A warm, encouraging group that comes together to share, ask questions and learn new meditation tools and techniques.

We’ll re-charge our meditative batteries with a full range of herbal teas and yummy nibbles to close our session.