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What does balance look like for you?

What does balance look like for you?

Getting the right balance – what does that mean to you? Balance between work and life, moving and being still, eating healthily & indulging, resting and working out, stress and calmness.

I spoke with one of my yoga students last week about balance – they love the workout they got with the practice and then also the opportunity to rest afterwards to balance out the session – for me yoga is the real deal – the complete package between effort and ease, strength and flexibility, mind and body, rested and alert, awake and relaxed.

It can mean many different things to each and everyone of us. What works for one person will be completely wrong for another – there is no hard and fast rule to stick by. Maybe thats why it’s hard to find balance as your balance is unique to you. Its also a daily practice – its something that we will always need to do.

Take a look at your day and see if there are ways you can bring balance::

  • Sit at your desk all day? Every 30 minutes, get up, take a walk and do something completely different for 5 minutes to get your body moving and mind rested from your PC or work. Make a cuppa, grab some fresh air, stretch.
  • Cardio or weights every week? Add in some downtime for stretching and resting – this will allow the body to balance out the high intensity workouts and let the body recover.
  • Stressful day? – Take some time to sit/lie and be still. If your mind is on overdrive its exhausting. You could try a guided relaxation or meditation to help alleviate the stress and feel more relaxed.
  • Family filled day? – its important to take some time for you each day, whether thats a few minutes or longer – read your favourite magazine/book with a cuppa, take a bath with plenty of bubbles.

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if we were told exactly how to find balance – like a step by step process you could follow – we wouldn’t have to think for ourselves, just do it……. but then its not a conscious choice and we’d all be lie robots doing the same old thing!

I’d love to hear how you find balance in your day, let me know in the comments?