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How do you keep your dreams alive despite all the challenges

How do you keep your dreams alive despite all the challenges

Dreams and desires – are yours being pushed down or are you allowing them to flourish?

Has there been a time in your life when you have wanted something so desperately?  You couldn’t stop thinking about it, its just a dream and will never happen. Something didn’t feel right in your life. Maybe you don’t even know what it is you just can’t put your finger on it?

I felt something was missing from my life

I started to question what my life was about when I began to spend more time on my yoga mat. My mat was a space to reconnect and take time away from what I thought I should be doing. I could be me on my mat. There was something that just kept me going back each week to my mat but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Once I began my yoga teaching training I knew I wanted to incorporate yoga more in my life. For me this was the first time in my life that deep down I relished studying, I couldn’t get enough and I still can’t.

My teacher training was a roller coaster of emotions – massive highs and huge lows, but beyond doubt the most amazing experience of my life. Funnily enough I never went into the training wanting too teach! But boy did I come out of training all fired up to teach, even after my first opportunity to teach on the course (Day 1!) I knew this was for me.

After setting up classes in my local area I desperately wanted to teach full time,. I knew there was no chance of that happening as I needed to work to pay the bills, to live and thats what you do isn’t it, you go out there and get a job? I would spend hours thinking about how I could make it work. Getting frustrated as I couldn’t see a way out. I just knew I wasn’t meant to be doing what I was doing.  I thought it was just that, a dream.

How to make the dream a reality

Over time I needed to let go of that dream, it took over my life. I felt like I was struggling with being present with what I had. Wishing the time away so that I might get closer to my dream. I started to enjoy my day job and got stuck in. A promotion popped up and I was still teaching in the evenings so I had the best of both worlds. I worked hard to keep up my crazy schedule and never lost my passion for teaching.

After a year of knuckling down I had the most amazing news that could change my life. An opportunity had come up for me to reach for my dream. To go for it and commit to my yoga business 100% and move it forward. It felt so right but at the same time I was scared and nervous, now it was here could I really make this work?

A yoga business felt so radically different to what I thought the norm was (guess thats because there is no norm!!) But do you know what, it was one of the easiest decisions to make when it finally came down to it. This dream had been manifesting itself over the years and all my actions and everything I did felt like stepping stones to take me there. I let go of the craving, the frustration of never thinking it would happen, which wasn’t easy.  I started to see what I had around me and this was exactly what I needed to do, I can see that now!

In Deepak Chopra’s meditations he says:

“I’m open to whatever happens and when it comes I will know the next step to take. My true self contains every possibility, my desires have the power to manifest”

Keep your dreams alive

I’d sown the seed of my deepest desire many years ago and was able to let it go so that I was so fixated on the outcome – is there anything in your life right now that you deeply desire? Can you let it go and be open to whatever happens?

Fast forward a few years and its constantly changing. I have dreams which excite me. I can do this and so can you.

What I’m loving in November

What I’m loving in November

DoTERRA’s essential oil blends

November can be the time we get colds, blocked noses and struggle to breathe at night. This is why I’m loving DoTERRA’s essential oil blend called Breathe this month.

I’m using the blend daily on myself and my son (18 months). Its a pre mixed blend and diluted with fractionated coconut oil so its ready to use. In our household we are struggling with blocked sinuses and runny noses, especially at nighttime.

Breathe Touch can literally help you breathe easier.

This touch roller is all ready to rock n roll – it combines Laurel Leaf, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Melaleuca, Lemon, Cardamom, Ravintsara, and Ravensara essential oils to maintain feelings of clear airways and easy breathing. The roller is super simple to use. Just apply to your chest, back and bottoms of feet, it smells divine.

I fell in love with DoTERRA essential oils a year ago and became a Wellness Advocate for them. This means I can share all the amazing oils with you.

How you can get your hands on the delicious DoTERRA oils

If you are local to me I’m popping an order through on Friday 17th November – just let me know if you would like some help with your breathing. Click HERE to let me know (£9, RRP £12)

Want to know how you can get other DoTERRA essential oils – pop me a message HERE


Is connection the missing link to your focus and purpose?

Is connection the missing link to your focus and purpose?

Connection – whats the point?

I’ve been very conscious of my energy of late.  I have a toddler and baby on the way I’ve felt the need to protect my energy so I had enough for them, me and everything else in my life. In doing this I’ve let go of the focus that makes me tick, gets me excited and lifts me up. Thats connection to you guys, to make biz plans, to share and motivate others. To have a social life! This is why I’ve disappeared for a while.

Being under stimulated has the same effect as being over-stimulated – stressed.

I know for sure that feeling of just having too much on, no time, no space, its stressful. Society are often overstimulated with day to day life. At the other end of the spectrum being under stimulated, when you try to do less, have no plans –  can have a very similar effect. You feel stressed but also motivation drops along with energy levels and get you feeling pretty dull. I have been stuck here over the past few months. It was like I was hibernating with a serious lack of connection, to me, you, and the world around me.

“One of the most powerful human needs is the one for connection. We all want a sense of belonging. A feeling of community and hope that the people in our lives both encourage and support us at all times. We long for connection, so that we might feel more complete in our individual lives. Connection offers us a feeling of purpose.” Ashley Lorenzo

I taught my last yoga classes before baby no. 2 arrives the other week. During the classes I felt a host of emotions. Classes are about connection. It’s a chance for me to share my love of yoga. I get to connect to those in class through conversation and movement. Offering students a space to take time out, to connect to breath and body.

This is why I love to teach yoga and also be part of group classes. I know many of my students feel the same. It doesn’t have to be yoga,  there are so many other ways we find connection in our day.

How do you find connection in your life – the type of connection that lifts you up?

You know that friend, colleague, loved one that makes you light up when you speak and spend time with them. That place where you feel you can be yourself, feel fulfilled, smile, laugh, cry. It might be a creative project, or a new skill you’d love to learn.

Whilst I may not be getting the physical connection through teaching over the next few months I hope to offer and find that connection. This will be virtually through my blog and newsletters. Face to face contact is also high up on my list as well.

I’d love to hear when you feel connection, let me know so we can share ideas…..

YES you are flexible (really you are!)

YES you are flexible (really you are!)

When you mention to people that you do yoga do you ever hear “I’m not flexible enough to do that!”

Its a pretty common limitation for why many don’t get on the mat – especially as we are a society of achievers. Stepping onto a yoga mat for the first time can seem pretty daunting if you have never moved your body in that way before.

I know for many though, working on their flexibility is one of the instigators for going to their first class – they start to notice that their body has aches and niggles that weren’t there before, this is definitely true for me. When I started my flexibility was very limited due to many years playing sports and constant gym sessions!

For some bodies it can definitely feel like a slow process working with flexibility – I know I felt like that.

I’ve always said I have tight hips, every time I come into a hip opener I would just think to myself that I wasn’t going any further that my hips would always be tight, there have been times where I’ve been disheartened as I look around the yoga room (not that I’m comparing but hey I bet everyone has done this!) and see how everyones hips are much more open and they can go deeper in the poses. All I’m thinking is when will these dam hips open!

Overtime though – and for me its been years (!) I’ve slowly lessened the desire to believe that I need to go deeper into the poses and to stretch more, in order to get more out of my practice. It can be frustrating at times, but this is the practice hey! Noticing what comes up for you and how you react to different situations and challenges. This for me is being FLEXIBLE – not how deep you go into the pose but adapting to whatever your day throws at you.

So when you think you are not flexible enough to do that pose or you get frustrated or disappointed that you can’t get your body to do what you’d like to – be aware how it makes you feel, completely accept that feeling no matter what it is – learn from it, be mindful that this may translate to how you feel in your day when things don’t go to plan and YES you are flexble enough to do yoga – no matter, what age or size you are!

A meme about flexibility - everyone else is more flexible and I'm nowhere near.


How much time do you spend on YOU?

How much time do you spend on YOU?

I bet you are pretty good at filling your days? Do you feel like you should be doing something every second of the day otherwise you are not being productive or satisfied with what you have done?

If you are not busy are you being lazy?

How many times do you start a conversation with “Are you keeping busy?” I think we we feel inclined to justify ourselves on a busy scale – we compete over being busy and busyness can be a sign of status and that your leading a full and worthy life.

Hectic, whirlwind, crazy and constantly on the run, way too fast……. I bet you hear these words on a regular basis now – they have become words and phrases that are interlinked with how many of us feel on a day to day basis.

Creating busyness even when it didn’t exist……

When I made the shift from my intense event management days into building my own yoga biz, I found that I needed to justify what I was doing in my days – I felt the need to constantly keep busy, to fill my days with tasks and actions so that I’d answer the “Are you busy” questions with yes, I’ve being doing this, this and this. In reality I was creating busyness even when it didn’t exist!!

When we get busy we forget to invest in ourselves – our food choices may suffer as we grab what we can, we don’t have time to spend with family and friends, we miss that yoga class as we are too busy, all the things that we know work for us get dropped to the bottom of the list – its can take days, weeks or even years to realise that you have completely lost connection with the most important person – thats YOU!

One of the reasons I wanted to build my own business was to shift away from the constant busyness in my days. Its not been easy and every day is a learning curve. Don’t get me wrong I can very easily fill my days, but for me its about prorities – and lookng at it this way has helped me see whats important for me to function at my best!

What allows you to function at your best?