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Imagine how it would feel if you could shift the way you were feeling when you get caught up in the day to day overwhelm of your life – the traffic jam making you want to scream, your boss showing you up, that comment that digs deep or the stupid argument you had before you left home.

Guess what – we all have the capacity and power within us to shift these feelings, to ease the racing thoughts and worry and transform our state to welcome calm, its all in your beautiful breath……….

Did you know that breathing techniques (like ones we use in yoga, pranayama) can positively affect your actions and thoughts? Thats because every thought we have changes the rhythm of our breath. You might have noticed that when you feel happy you breathing is easy, relaxed and if you really pay attention (we don’t often notice out breath though do we!) that its rhythmic. I bet you’ve noticed though that when you are stressed when you feel like you need to count to 10 or take deep sighs that your breathing is really irregular and interrupted or you may even hold your breath! Tune in next tim your remember to watch your breath in different situations, this is the first step to really understanding the power of your breath.

This is why yoga is so special…… we give ourselves the opportunity to bring breathing techniques into our day so that we can create calm in our lives. Its not just limited to a yoga mat though – you can just do this walking down the street and you’ll get the same impact.

You could try out this technique where I offer you a simple approach to finding a place of calm when you need it. See for yourself how it makes you feel HERE