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Being stuck in your head
turns out to be optional.

Do you wish you could get more done, focus on the people you love, feel energized, bring real pep to your work, focus your brain, pull it all off in style and actually feel less freaked out?

And have you ever noticed how repetitive all those thoughts get?

They’ll have you running in the same tired circles—the “should and shouldn’t” loop, for example.

That was pretty typical of my pre-yoga and meditation life.

I was disconnected from my body too, as I worked away at doing more, achieving more, training harder, eating better but also partying hard as my primary stress-chaser. It wasn’t working.

I honestly thought I was looking after myself and that happiness and contentment were just around the corner somewhere.

Something was missing.

I couldn’t keep up this pace and I knew it.
And when was the joy going to kick in?

Stepping onto the mat wasn’t a mind blowing experience right away.

Yoga was a slow burner—something I kept at each week. Even when I floundered, I’d
leave feeling refreshed, peaceful and so clear in my mind.

They say yoga finds you when you need it most.

That was true for me. My body was craving the slower, mindful movements, and to my surprise, it thrived on this new type of challenge—which was so different from the ego-driven, “no pain no gain” movement I was used to.

It soothed the intensity in my mind.

This kinder way of moving and relating to myself has drawn me inward and taken me closer to my dreams and deepest desires.

Through yoga and meditation, I’ve found transformation, laughter and freedom—and I want the same for you.

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